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    2013 has been bittersweet. There were many trials and testings along the way but I'm so thankful I made it through. Just yesterday I was asking myself : 

    "What have I achieved in 2013?" 

    Well, A LOT! 

    There were many things that happened in 2013 and I'd like to reminisce on some of it. Here are some of the highlights for MY year 2013.

    1. Made it through 1 year of work.
    When I first started work, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it through 1 year. At the start of work, I was kinda afraid of what I was gonna face and with people telling me how hard the working world was gonna be, scared me even more. Thankfully, by God's grace I've been working for 1 year 6 months and 8 days already. How time flies.

    2. Got a new car (dream car)
    YES! As many would know, I've always dreamt of owning/driving a Honda Jazz, ever since it came into existence.

    "Why Honda Jazz?" you ask. 
    Well, I'm no car fanatic and I've always admire the way the Jazz looks.

    Okay, anyway, this year, I've been blessed with one. In my right mind, I knew I will never be able to own it because of its ridiculously sky high price for a small car. However, as I always say, nature has its way of making things work, or rather, God knows our hearts best. The price of the car was priced ridiculously cheap and it became affordable to purchase one. What's even better, never would I thought I'd drive a hybrid car. With that being said, I get to save on fuel and driving around town would be so much more fun now.

    3. Grew a little tougher
    Since I got to KL, I've learned to be a little bit tougher, emotionally and mentally. Coming to KL was a huge step I had to take. Coming to KL to work means, no more going home to SP every weekend and resisting every temptation that is out there. Looking at most people in KL, everyone seems to be materialistic (still can't beat Singaporeans!). Having to own a branded bag or wear a branded shirt was always an option in KL. Putting me here with a minimum wage has taught me how to really manage my finance a little better (also, with the help of the boyfriend who is always better with money than I am). It felt great when I didn't go shopping for about 3-5 months with extra money to save. And hopefully, this continues as I'm motivated to save up for something bigger ahead! 

    4. Got a brand new MacBook Pro
    10 years ago, all I could do was just fantasise about owning a MacBook. Again, with its price so high, I knew I won't be able to afford it. However, I'm forever thankful to be able to own one now and this will stay with me for the next 3-5 years, maybe? :)

    5. Got to spend more time with my family despite being farther away
    When I was studying back in Kampar, spending time with my family more didn't seem like an issue as I could go back as often as 2-4 times a month (every weekend, that is). Now, in KL I can only go back 3 months once? But thankfully, my SUPER parents are always willing to sacrifice time and effort to come visit me in KL. And through that, I always treasure every second spent with them. We talk about life and everything in it. I'm so glad this remained no matter how many miles apart we are.

    6. 6 years and counting
    2013 is the 6th year I've known my best friend. That's definitely something to be thankful about. I'm so glad to be doing life with him. 

    That's about it. There are more, definitely but these are the few highlights that I just wanna be thankful for. I'm looking forward to 2014!

    Bring it on, 2014!

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    Mix & Match

    Hello everyone! Sorry I've been away for a long time! Haven't got my mojo to blog but anyways, here's something small I'd like to share.

    I went shopping over the weekend and I'm absolutely happy with my buys.

    Left : Tank top from Warehouse
    Top right : Strappy sandals from Forever 21
    Bottom right : Shorts from Mango.


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    It's the weekend. :)

    It's the weekend! 

    Live. Laugh. Love.


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    Hello July!

    June is now over and it's July! I know I haven't been posting much lately but gosh, it's summer! Here to celebrate 1st of July and summer, here are 15 top summer hairstyles for the carefree days and sizzling nights. From braided updos to textured topknots, these celebrities sure know how to tease the summer. 

    #1 Dianna Agron 
    Dianna Agron's milkmaid effect pinup braids is surely practical for the summer. It does give a elegant vibe and definitely perfect for both day and night. 

    #2 Jessica Chastain
    Jessica Chastain's whimsical side-twists and long locks are romantic for the summer.

    #3 Nicole Richie
    Her topknot definitely goes well with bold summer patterns and as well as her bangs. It does give a summer feel to the look. 

    #4 Evan Rachel Wood
    An elastic band always work for any time of the day. From day to night, the trend lasts. Evan Rachel Wood sure knows how to tease the hot and sizzling weather. 

    #5 Kristen Bell
    Here, Kristen looks like a goddess with the sunkissed glow in her face. Her blonde hair sure adds to the sunkissed glow on her face. During the summer, beachy waves is a sure win. For a curlier, less tousled iteration of the look, wrap 2-inch sections of hair around a curling rod and mist with a lightweight hairspray.

    #6 Ciara
    Ciara's loose and matte beach waves have an edgier look by adding the fishtail braid at the side, rather than keeping the boring wavy look. Spice it up for the summer!

    #7 Kristen Stewart
    Stewart's side-swept curls are perfect for the summer. With the wind and breeze blowing in the air, side-swept curls bring a edgier appearance and shapes the face more.

    #8 Julianne Hough
    When we talk about the summer, we always look for a fuss-free hairstyle and low maintenance kind of hairstyle. Julianne's super straight strands is the perfect example for the fuss-free and low maintenance summer hairstyle. It is however still the most sexy and sleek look.

    #9  Diane Kruger
    Fuss-free ponytails and summer definitely go hand-in-hand. To add to the look, statement earrings and pulled back hair will do the trick. 

    #10 Nina Dobrev
    Instead of doing a ubiquitous side braid, weave hair into a low back braid and get ready for the summer! :)

    #11 Jessica Alba
    World's most beautiful woman sure knows how to enjoy the summer with a pint-sized bouffant. This 1960s inspired hairstyle continued its reign.

    #12 Rihanna
    Rihanna fiery red hair sure fits in with the summer. Knotted head scarves are a must-wear for summer even if it doesn't come with a bow on top. 

    #13 Olivia Munn
    Olivia's wavy bob hairstyle is another great option besides long beachy waves. 

    #14 Charlize Theron
    Her simple yet sophisticated, side-parted low chignons are amazing for the summer. Also perfect for both day and night looks.

    #15 Halle Berry
    Afros are so in style this summer. It is the perfect excuse for summer to just put down the flat iron and let loose and Halle Berry did exactly just that! :)


    Photos courtesy of http://www.elle.com/

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    Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

    Autumn is just around the corner. With its lovely browns that depicts the color of fall, this season, Burberry's Autum/Winter collection are to die for. Ranging from browns to reds and even to yellows and greens, Burberry is definitely a 'must-have' fashion item. This time round, Burberry has definitely set its world class standard in the fashion world. 

    Here to present, Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

    Burberry Children's Wear Autumn/Winter Collection 2012 Campaign

    Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign

    Behind the scenes of Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign featuring actress Gabriella Wilde and musician Roo Panes. Shot in the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich by Mario Testino.

    Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign

    xx <3

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    Back with a bang!

    Hello,everyone! I'm back from hiatus and yes, I'm done with uni! 
    So, do expect LOTS of updates from me about the fashion world! 
    I do have plenty to update! ❤
    Do remember to click on the 'Follow Me' at the left sidebar! 
    I'll appreciate it loads! 


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    Au Naturale

    I couldn't resist the need to blog and so, I have to blog! Hibernation was crazy! I just couldn't stand it. Blogging helps me relax a little and keep me sane a bit. 

    Au Naturale is defined as in the natural state by dictionary.com. Who says celebs are afraid of looking natural with eco-friendly cosmetics. Here are 8 celebs who go green and still look great! They do rock the natural look.

    #1 Lauren Conrad
    Lauren Conrad is a fan of Tarte Cosmetics.Founded by Maureen Kelly, she created a line that would prove that glamour can be good for you by pioneering the use of high-performance naturals™ that bring clinical results to the everyday woman. Its widest selection of natural natural cosmetics full of skinvigorating™ ingredients including our proprietary  t5 super fruit complex™ (a blend of the five most active, free-radical fighting super fruits), vitamins, minerals and natural fruit and plant extracts. Our products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances, just to name a few.Who says we can't go green and look gorgeous at the same time. 

    #2 Miranda Kerr
    RMS is Miranda's secret to glowing highlighted skin. She uses RMS's Living Luminzer that uses raw coconut oil to highlight the skin. 

    #3 Leighton Meester

     Bite Beauty is unique in that it not only has anti-aging properties, but it's all-natural. Rumor has it that Leighton Meester is a fan of the line, which is coming out with Lush Lip Tints next week!

    #4 Isabella Fuhrman
      The Hunger Games Starlet is just like any normal girl who loves a good hair product. She's a huge fan of Pureology Hydrate. Rumour has it that the company is making a generous donation of $20,000 to Global Green USA.

    #5 Gwyneth Paltrow
     Another luxury line that makes its skincare products with all-natural ingredients is Tata Harper. Celebs like Gwyneth are particularly fond of the Hydrating Floral Essence.

    #6 Tiffani Thiessen
    Tiffani is anther celeb who likes to keep her beauty products simple which read, void of harsh chemicals. Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap is able to deep-clean pores with only organic ingredients. 

    #7 Florence Welch
     Kiehl's has teamed up with celebrities Florence Welch, Rosario Dawson, Mark Ruffalo and Spike Lee to introduce a limited-edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. In addition, they are bringing back their Recycle And Be Rewarded program, which allows customers to exchange their empty Kiehl's containers for product.

    #8 Petra Nemcova
     Petra Nemcova joined friend Josie Maran in designing a special bottle of Pure Argan Oil. In return, Josie Maran Cosmetics is donating a portion of proceeds to Nemcova's charity of choice, Happy Hearts Fund, which rebuilds schools and helps those who have been affected by natural disasters. Talk about a mutually beneficial friendship!


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